Question & Answer

Q: Is solar energy usage a proven technology?

A: Yes.  Per the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Energy Initiative, as concurred by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, solar energy holds massive potential for meeting humanity’s energy needs over the long term while significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions.  Furthermore, Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Coca Cola, Walmart and thousands of other companies are already using solar power rooftop systems as a way to save on rising electricity costs and as an advocacy to defend Mother Earth from global warming.

Q: Will the price of electricity per kWh used from our distribution utility (DU) or retail electricity supplier (RES) increase further? 

A: Yes.  Please refer to the following reasons:

     1.  Per Vishal Shah, managing director of Deutsche Bank, the price of grid electricity worldwide from 2015 prices will double by 2030.

     2.  Per the Department of Energy, the Philippine energy mix consists of 17% coal, 37% crude oil, 7% natural gas and 39% other sources.  Since most generation sources are fossil fuels, they are at best susceptible to price increases as their sources of supply is finite and the costs to extract and transport the same spirals each year.  Hence, electricity prices from DUs and RES will increase further.

     3.  Per the World Bank, the 2015-2030 average annual growth rate (AAGR) in the price of coal is 0.47%, of crude oil is 3.44% and of natural gas is 1.40%.  Thus, Philippine DU and RES electricity prices, being largely influenced by crude oil costs, will surely increase.

     4.  Per the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the transportation expenses from fossil fuel extraction to the power plants are the real cost-drivers of the prices of fossil fuels.  The same are estimated to be (+/-) 33% of the extracted  commodity prices of the fossil fuels.  And costs associated to transportation perennially increase - so will the DU and RES electricity prices.

     5.  Per the Philippine Central Bank, the AAGR of the US$:PhP foreign exchange rates from 2008 to 2018 is 3.21%.  This is a cost-driver indicator in the future prices of DU and RES electricity per kWh used.

     6.  Per the Department of Finance, the 1,400% increase in the Philippine excise tax on coal from PhP10/metric ton in 2017 to PhP150/metric ton in 2020 and the re-imposition of the 12% VAT on transmission wheeling charges, will increase the price of grid electricity.

     7.  Per the Asian Development Bank, the net imports of fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas) in Asia and the Pacific are expected to nearly double from 830.5 million tons in oil equivalent (MTOE) in 2010 to 1,515.5 MTOE in 2035.  This upsurge in the demand for fossil fuels will further increase the price of electricity per kWh used from the DU or RES.

     8.  Per an independent research done by Solar Markets Exchange, the AAGR in the price of electricity per kWh used in Pampanga from 2008 to 2016 is at 3.92%/year.  Your DU/RES knows that it cannot provide long term low rates because their costs rise over time.    

Q: Is the current price of a solar power rooftop system already competitive?

A:  Yes, the cost of solar power per kWh used is already lower than the cost of electricity from the grid.  The price of the solar power rooftop system is already competitive most especially if you engage us.  This is because our robust supply chain guarantees very competitive pricing.  In the U.S., in 2017 Q1, the cost of the commercial solar power rooftop system is U.S.$1.74/Wp.  Our cost is significantly way below that range.  Moreover, we can:

     1.  Offer 80% financing for your solar power rooftop system and enable you to enjoy a levelized cost of electricity at just PhP3.00/kWh or even less.  This will provide you with the BIGGEST SAVINGS; 

     2.  Install the solar power rooftop system on your rooftop with ZERO COST on your part.  We will just charge you on what solar energy your company consumes per kWh used at a rate that is LESS THAN the DU/RES rate.  You will also have the option to buy the system later; and

     3.  Provide you with the lowest cost for your solar power system by being your Owner's Engineers.  We will design the system for you, help you when you procure the system you need, install the system for you, and operate and maintain it for you.  This is the best approach that will enable you to gain more financially. 

Q: Do we already have competent installers in the Philippines?

A: Yes.  AlphaSolar and its partners have already at least 22,000 megawatts of solid global solar energy project experiences.  And we have brought this solid track record to the Philippines already.


Q: Will the solar power rooftop system installation damage my rooftop?

A: No.  In fact, your rooftop will be provided with another layer or skin to protect it from the elements.  Resulting in longer rooftop life.  The installation will also provide a viable cooling mechanism on your facilities too. 

Q: Will the solar power rooftop system installation disturb or stop my company's operation?

A: No.  Your operations will not be disturbed or put to a stop because of the solar power rooftop system installation.

Q: Will solar energy usage make voltage in our facilities unstable?

A: No.  Firstly, it is the responsibility of the grid operators to make power reliable and stable.  Secondly, in fact, the use of a solar power rooftop system via its inverter technology will improve the quality of power by minimizing voltage dips and surges.  Thirdly, a solar-led microgrid or hybrid system with energy data management software will further improve the quality of power in facilities.  And finally, when the price of energy storage becomes commercially available, stored solar power can already be used at night time.  Making solar power as the primary source of energy.   

Q: Is it better to defer decision to avail of the solar power rooftop system in the hope that the price of the same slide further down?

A: No.  In fact, the prices of the component parts of the solar power rooftop system, particularly the solar panels/modules, have volatile price points.  Lately, the prices of Tier 1 quality solar panels/modules have increased because of high global demand specifically from China and India.  Furthermore, the consolidation of various suppliers in the value chain has corrected the solar power rooftop system market.  Pricing seems to have plateaued.  The only price that will slide further down will be that of energy storage equipment.  Finally, your Chief Finance Officer will surely agree that a penny saved today is better than a dollar saved tomorrow.  This is because he knows how the time value of money works.  Why defer for tomorrow if you can save valuable resources today.  And besides, we can tailor-fit an energy solution that is customized to your needs.

Q: What are the most important criteria in selecting solar power rooftop system developers?

A. There are at least 5 important criteria:

     1.  Solid Track Record - AlphaSolar and its reputable consortium partners have more than 22,000 megawatts of solar energy project experiences.  We bring this solid track record in the solar energy space to every inch of your solar power rooftop system.

     2.  Quality Tier 1 Solar Power Rooftop System - AlphaSolar and its reputable consortium partners only use Tier 1 solar panels, inverters and mounting structures.  Tier 1 is a category given by Bloomberg to the manufacturers of solar panels, inverters and mounting structures who have solid AAA credit ratings and robust balance sheets.  This ensures that the product and performance warranties given to end-user clients are honored.  And only Tier 1 solar power system manufacturers can do this.

     3.  Quality and Guaranteed Solar Engineering Design and Workmanship - AlphaSolar and its reputable consortium partners bring at least 22,000 megawatts of solar energy project experiences to every inch of your solar power rooftop system - skillfully designed and installed by local pioneers in the solar energy space with on-site project management support from German precision solar engineers.

     4.  Guaranteed Reasonable Prices - Although AlphaSolar and its reputable consortium partners only use quality and branded Tier 1 solar power rooftop systems augmented by skillful German precision solar engineering design and workmanship, we have the best price in town for your solar power rooftop system requirement. 

     5.   Project Financing Support - AlphaSolar and its reputable consortium partners can finance 80% of your solar power rooftop system.  Or, if qualified, we can even install your solar power rooftop system without you spending for a single penny.

Q: Do we have to bother ourselves with the technical and financial requirements that solar energy technology usage entails?

A. No.  We offer a turnkey solar energy solution to empower your company to significantly reduce its operating expenses on electricity, as well as to enable your company to become a champion for the environment.  We will walk you through the solar, electrical, mechanical, structural and financial engineering requisites, as well as the rudiments of insurance, operation and maintenance and other related factors.  All you have to do is click the SIGN UP button.  The rest is easy.

Q: Who really wins when I start using solar energy?

A.  These are the real winners:

     1.  You and your company because you save millions from your electric bills!

     2.  The local economy because: (a) you avoid the importation of toxic and finite fossil fuels that are used in generating traditional energy sources; (b) you help re-allocate the foregone cost of importing dirty fossil fuels to more productive economic uses; and (c) you help create more "green" jobs!

     3.  Mother Earth because you help mitigate the detrimental effects of global warming - the main cause of super typhoons, storm surges, massive flooding, melting glaziers, rising sea levels, severe heat and droughts, wildfires, water shortages, heat strokes, respiratory diseases, pestilence and similar plagues!

     4.  Your family and your future generations to come!