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News and updates on AlphaSolar.

SIA Engineering (Philippines) Goes Solar

A 504 kilowatt peak Solar Power Rooftop Project has been signed on February 18, 2020 at the Clark Freeport Zone.

Marriott Solar Energy Forum

AlphaSolar conducts the 1st solar energy forum for Clark Freeport Zone locators.

1st Ever Solar Power Rooftop Project inside the Clark

Freeport Zone

AlphaSolar is the first solar energy company to build the first industrial-scale solar power rooftop project inside the Clark Freeport Zone 

Bill Gates - Investing in Clean Energy and Mitigating Global Warming

Elon Musk - Solar as the Future of Energy

Richard Branson - Why the Green Economy will be the Next Industrial Revolution

Jack Ma - Clean technology as a great business opportunity

Tony Seba - It's economics that will make solar as the dominant power source by 2020