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Solar energy solutions are now providing clean, renewable, reliable and affordable power to Fortune 500 companies (i.e., Microsoft, Google, Apple, Coke, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Virgin Group, Walmart, Costco, Samsung, Ikea, Toyota, General Motors, Starbucks, Shell and a lot more).

Prominent economists and investment bankers predict that by 2030, the global economy will be powered by renewable sources.  The market irrelevancy of coal and fossil fuels is purely driven by economics.  That is, consumers will buy and use products and services that are better and more cost-efficient than other alternatives and substitutes.  The fact is, the costs associated to solar energy solutions are already way below the costs of electricity per kilowatt hour that you pay to your distribution utility.  Hence, it makes more economic and financial sense to use solar energy solutions now!

But more than the glaring economic and financial benefits of solar energy, what is more important is by using renewables, we all help in mitigating the deadly effects of global warming.  

With solar energy, we can guarantee a sustainable future for all of us!

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AlphaSolar works only with reputable global solar energy system manufacturers classified by Bloomberg as Tier 1 companies (i.e., highly financially stable companies with solid balance sheets and AAA credit ratings that are capable of honoring guarantees).  We are working with Canadian Solar for the supply of solar panels and ancillary component parts.  Canadian Solar is listed in the NASDAQ.  It has executed at least 19 gigawatts of solar energy projects in 100 countries.  We are also working with Huawei for the supply of inverters, smart loggers and allied system devices.  Huawei has around 180,000 employees serving about 170 countries with approximately US$92 billion in revenues.

We are also establishing fiduciary relationships with reputable private equity funds domiciled in Europe, North America and Asia.  These Funds have robust investment capabilities to finance renewable energy projects of any size.  We also work with the biggest local universal and development banks for project financing. 

Furthermore, AlphaSolar brings together BayWa r.e. Solar, Total Solar, Symbior Solar, Mettle & Grip Technology and other stakeholders in the solar energy space  for suitable project collaborations.  These companies have already developed and installed thousands of megawatts in various solar energy projects. 


In the Philippines, our core officers, advisors, team members, installers and collaborators have direct involvements in the following solar energy projects: 22 megawatts Clark Freeport solar power farm project, 45 megawatts Concepcion solar power farm project, 24 megawatts Hermosa solar power farm project, Viskase Asia Pacific Corporation solar power rooftop project,  Robinsons Palawan Mall solar power rooftop project and various solar power rooftop projects.

Solar Blog

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Solar power rooftop contract awarded to AlphaSolar

Marriott Solar Energy Forum

AlphaSolar conducts a solar energy forum for Clark Freeport Zone locators

1st Ever Solar Rooftop in the Clark Freeport Zone

AlphaSolar is the first solar energy company to build the first industrial-scale solar power rooftop project inside the Clark Freeport Zone 


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Contact Number: +63 928 550 2549

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5th Floor, Clark Centre 07

Clark Center Jose Abad Santos Avenue

Clark Freeport Zone


Pampanga, Philippines

Contact Number: +63 928 550 2549

                             +63 917 544 6260    


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