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Our Products


Solar Panels

We only use Trina, Longi, Canadian Solar and other solar panels categorized by Bloomberg New Energy Finance as Tier 1.  Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers have robust balance sheets.  This means that the warranties coming from them are highly dependable.  These Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers provide 12 years product warranties and 25 years performance warranties.

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Solar Inverters

Huawei inverters are the most reliable, safest, easiest to use and maintain inverters.  They are so aesthetically designed that they blend easily with any surface.  Our teams were the ones who did the pilot stores of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).  KFC asked us to install various branded inverters.  After evaluation, Huawei performed the best.  Thus, KFC used Huawei in all its stand-alone stores in the Philippines.  Huawei inverters also have received the most number of awards in the global inverter technologies competitions.  Product warranty starts from 5 to 10 years, extendable.

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Solar Batteries

Slim and compact in design, Huawei batteries are made of lithium iron phosphate, making them more reliable and robust.  They have a minimum of 6,000 cycles translating to a minimum lifespan of 16.44 years.  Each module is 5 kWh, stackable up to 30 kWh.  There is also an industrial energy storage with 2 MWh capacity, scalable.  Product warranty is from 5 to 10 years, extendable.


Mounting Structures

Hopergy mounting structures are made of anodized aluminum.  A material that is stronger and lighter and that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.  The product warranty is 10 years and the performance warranty is 25 years.


Rapid Shutdown Devices

ZJBeny rapid shutdown devices provide solar rooftop and building fire safety.  Its string level and module level rapid shutdown devices control the panels’ voltage down to a certain safe level at microsecond.  They prevent accidents and improve the safety of solar power systems.  These are designed according to CE, UL and NEC2020 standards. 


Solar Cables

JJ Lapp cables are one of the first branded cables in the world.  They are very flexible and are universally applicable.  These cables fulfill the most demanding requirements for electrical and mechanical applications, overcoming harsh environmental conditions.


Safety and Automation Devices

The Schneider brand is one of the best brands in the electrical engineering space.  For maximum safety and efficiency, we trust only Schneider electric products.

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