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Quality Assurance

We are known for unbiased advisory.  We only design, procure and install QUALITY top-tier products that ensure value for money over time.


We GUARANTEE our workmanship.  Our partner-suppliers' WARRANTIES are highly dependable because they have robust financial balance sheets attested by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. 

We have a quality-centric project management system.  Our proprietary quality assurance (QA) protocol ensures QUALITY every step of the way in the EPC and O&M processes.


Engineering Design, Procurement and Construction

We will do full engineering design, procurement and construction (EPC) tasks.  Or we can structure a deal where you can save a lot on the EPC costs.We can also retrofit or replace your roofs.

Technicians at Work

Site Inspection

We will request relevant technical and financial information from you.  Afterwards, we will do a comprehensive site inspection on your premises to accurately determine your most appropriate solar energy needs.


Customer Relationship Management

Total customer satisfaction and very proactive after-sales support - this is one of our overarching goals.  We remotely monitor your systems via the App regularly.  That's why we will know in advance if there is an issue in your system - and we will respond to resolve it even before you call us. 

We are in the business of building long-lasting personal relationships.


Operation and Maintenance

We can operate and maintain (O&M) your solar power system after construction and keep it in very good working condition.


Technical and Financial Consulting

We will provide you with the most objective technical and financial advisory.  Then, you can choose from our solar energy system packages for one that suits your needs.  Refer to our Special Offers.


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