Residential Setups

We Offer a Range of System Setups to Meet Your Needs

Whether you live in an urbanized area with electricity or you live in the middle of nowhere with no access to electricity, we've got you covered! We offer grid tie, hybrid, and off-grid systems to fit your needs.

Grid Tie

This is the most common setup for your home. The power produced from your solar energy system will be for your own consumption.



Hybrid systems utilize energy storage system capabilities. The excess production that does not get used for your daily consumption gets stored in batteries which is then used for night time consumption, thus greatly reducing your electric bill even more. To add, you can also power your appliances during power outages!


Off grid systems are installed on houses, utilities, and farms that are too far from distribution utilities.

This will serve as the primary source of electricity for you needs.

Solar Panels
Utility Pole

Net Metering Assistance

Net metering can be an add on service for grid tied systems. Basically, net metering enables you to export your excess production to the grid. Your distribution utility will then pay you for the production of your solar energy system.