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Solar Panel Installation

We are trusted by some of the most reputable companies like Viskase Asia Pacific Corporation, Singapore International Airlines Engineering, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pampanga's Best, among others, for their solar energy solutions.  You can also trust us with yours.


We have a proven reputation for QUALITY, starting from the proprietary systems that we use, to the registered and licensed solar design and site engineers we employ, and to the certified electrician-installers we deploy in each project.  This QUALITY mindset is extended to the usage of only the best solar energy systems, equipment and materials in the market today.

So, if you want a QUALITY solar energy solution that will enable you to benefit more financially in the long run, all you need to do is text or email us.


We currently have the following SPECIAL OFFERS for:

1. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Organizations - huge discounts or the zero-cost solar package.

2. Homes - discounts, financing or the rent-to-own package.


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