Special Offers for Homeowners

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Best Offer

Our outright purchase package is the best offer as it will provide you with the highest savings and fastest ROI.  Financing is available.

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Rent to Own Offer

Our rent to own (R2O) offer is the easiest and fastest way to own your solar power system.  With zero to a very low upfront investment, you will enjoy savings on your electricity bill from day 1.


Special Offers for Companies and Institutions


Best Offer

Our outright purchase package still remains the best offer.  This provides the highest savings and the fastest ROI.  We can arrange financing for this also.

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Rent to Own Offer

Our rent to own (R2O) package is very ideal as it provides an easier payment plan for commercial and industrial establishments and institutions as well.  It provides adequate savings too.  It fits the budgets of most organizations, specifically the MSMEs.

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